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About WDCI

Our studio is owned by Wilson Barrera who is a 3 time Global Ballroom Dance Champion.

All of our dance instructors are taught and trained by Wilson himself!

Wilson Barrera’s goal in establishing his Bradenton/Sarasota area studio in 1996 was to provide a training ground for excellence in all aspects of Dance Sport, where students experience the benefits of physical conditioning, artistic expression, and personal transformation through dance. 


  • Our Bradenton Ballroom Dance studio has a vibrant atmosphere and energy that makes the experience of learning to ballroom dance fun and exciting.

Nature Art
  • Our award-winning studio has been helping people enjoy ballroom dance classes and the passion of ballroom dancing for more than 23 years.

  • Quickly master any style of ballroom dancing including Latin, Swing, Salsa, Cha Cha, Waltz, Tango, Club Styles, and so much more.

  • Our champion dance instructors will build your confidence and skills on the dance floor whether you’re a beginner or competition-level dancer.

  • Expert Wedding & Quinceanera Dance Choreography will create lasting memories of your big day. 

  • Our professional ballroom dance instructors take into account your needs when developing programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

In addition to our private lessons, group classes, and weekly dance parties, we feature a Monthly Live Night Out! where our instructors and students get a chance to show off their dancing skills.

  • Private Lessons/Private Classes

  • Group Ballroom

  • Classes For Beginners To Experienced.

  • Social Dance Lessons for Singles & Couples.

       No Partner Needed.

  • Wedding Dance Lesson Packages.

  • Competitive Ballroom Dance Lessons.

  • ​Fantastic In-House Ballroom Dance Socials And Parties Each Week.

  •  "Live Nights Out!" Every Month 

Types Of Classes

Private Lessons

  • Private lessons are key in refining your dancing skills. Lessons can be scheduled by appointment Monday-Friday from 1pm to 8:30 pm. Private lessons give you the ability to learn one on one with the full attention of your professional instructor. You will progress quickly and feel confident about your new skills while enjoying the sensation of partner dancing.

Group Classes

  • Group classes provide a fun social outlet to help you learn new dance steps before hitting the dance floor. Wilson’s Dance Club Int'l offers classes five nights a week in all styles of partner dancing at all levels.

  • Average class size varies but usually run between 10 to 16 students. Students rotate partners and gain insight and confidence dancing with a variety of partners.

Coaching Sessions

  • World-renowned dance coaches and champion dancers come to Wilson’s Dance Club Int'l throughout the year to offer private coaching sessions and special workshops for our students.


At Wilson’s Dance Club Int'l, your progress is carefully planned to take you through the internationally recognized standard of levels Bronze, Silver, and Gold. 


Confidence Builder Series

The most popular plan for the beginner student is called the CONFIDENCE BUILDER class curriculum.

Consisting of 3 to 5 private lessons combined with group classes, the Confidence Builder classes are designed to introduce the fundamentals of ballroom dancing.



This foundation course consists of 5 to 15 lessons and is the first and most important level. This course is designed to help you start dancing as quickly as possible with a variety of your favorite dances.  It will give you the confidence to get on the dance floor and is ideal for eager students who want to learn quickly.


Charter Membership Program

The Charter Membership Program is for those students who wish to continue learning and growing.


  • With the Charter Membership Program, we're able to schedule and plan class curicculums over a multi month time period.

  • This program allows us to plan very specific goals and benchmarks for each individual.

  • Under the direction of a dedicated instructor, along with the Studio Manager, and owner Wilson Barrera himself, the Charter Membership student is exposed to more advanced techniques and patterns. This is the perfect program for those who wish to dance in either a social or competitive environment.

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